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Color-code Your Lineup With Croquet’s Game-Changing Smoking Accessories

Smoking case, mallets, field notes
Ashtray, lighters, grinder, field notes, mallets
Mallets in various colors
Mallets, smoking cases, mallet markers, field notes, lighters
Ashtray in use
Smoking case, lighters, mallet by fire
Ashtray, mallets, mallet markers
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Welcome to The Rolling 20’s

Our one-of-a-kind products combine a sleek design, innovative features, and a touch of nostalgia inspired by the 1920s.

Mallets Striped Cones

Mallets Pre-roll Cones

Level up with Mallets – our signature set of 36 striped smoking cones in 6 colors, which not only look stylish but function as an important visual tool for strain identification and organization; all in 84mm size. Just add grass!

Croquet Smoking Accessories

Croquet Smoking Accessories

Discover our thoughtfully crafted accessories, designed with both sophistication and discretion in mind. Experience a new era of smoking pleasure with Croquet’s premier collection.

Croquet Rolling Tools

Croquet Rolling Tools

Elevate the art of rolling with our precision-crafted, eco-friendly tools, delivering the perfect roll every time.

At Croquet Brands we aim to change the way that cannabis is seen -literally and figuratively.

San Francisco, California

 Brand Inspiration: Freedom Torches


The Roaring 20s in the United States was an iconic era of women’s independence and general badassery. Women gained the right to vote, entered the workforce, and fearlessly fought for equality, causing a tectonic shift in social norms that left an indelible mark on American culture.

Read about Croquet’s 1920s brand inspiration, including the groundbreaking Freedom Torches campaign that shattered the stigma attached to women who smoked. We carry this legacy forward, advocating for cannabis acceptance in the modern era. Join us in reshaping perceptions and embracing freedom.

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