Croquet Brands || About Us

Croquet® is a women-owned San Francisco company redefining the modern cannabis experience with our patented color-striped smoking cones and stylish accessories.

I created Croquet after trying legal cannabis for the first time. It had been forever since I’d last touched it, having always felt like a criminal and menace to society when smoking pot in the old days. Back then, nobody knew which plant strain we were consuming and how it might affect us. Maybe it would be fun, or maybe it would feel uncomfortable, but mostly we hoped the weed hadn’t been laced or transported in someone’s body cavity. And you wouldn’t believe some of the dangerous situations I used to find myself in when trying to acquire cannabis, but I assure you it’s lucky that I never got hurt. Nobody should have to go through that, and yet far too many people in my nation still do.

In 2020, I began to notice that more than one glass of alcohol was affecting my sleep, so I surprised myself and went to my first dispensary. I bought an assortment of products to try– tinctures, gummies, as well as cannabis flower, and had the best time experimenting– ultimately finding that I preferred smoking to edibles because of the immediacy and ability to make adjustments along the way. 

But then I encountered a roadblock, and it was a glaring one. The moment I had more than one strain of cannabis at the same time and rolled them into joints using ZigZags, they looked identical to each other, even if one would put me to sleep and the other keep me activated for hours. I’m not sure what others have done in the same situation since the beginning of time, but as a neurodivergent person who processes information visually, I began adding color-coded pinstripes to all of the joints that I rolled so that I could easily distinguish between multiple strains. 

Adding colored stripes to my cannabis game helped my brain attune to the subtle but important ways that each strain affected me differently. I discovered cannabis for deep meditation that helped me reset my nervous system after years of accumulated stress, and others that turbo-charged my workouts, giving me the eye of the tiger on my runs through Golden Gate Park. I found cannabis I enjoyed for socializing far more than drinking– and without the insomnia,  hangovers, and extra calories that come with alcohol! Plus, those stylish, pinstriped joints I’d been rolling looked adorably sporty, reminding me of tiny croquet mallets lined up in unison. I smiled while thinking the word “mallet” would make a much cooler slang term for a cannabis cigarette than “joint”, which felt outdated and SO last century! 

Lastly, I had the opportunity to travel around the United States after becoming a legal cannabis user in California. Experiencing the wildly varied and inconsistent laws in each state I visited was eye-opening, and felt like I’d time-traveled to the Prohibition Era and was watching history repeat itself. With an estimated 40,000 Americans currently in prison on cannabis-related charges, we understand why you may want to keep your game on the down low. Croquet’s branding is deliberately stealthy, avoiding identifying language and imagery at every opportunity. Until we achieve freedom for all, none of us are truly free. #endprohibition

Let’s embark on a journey to rewrite the cannabis narrative and create a new era. Welcome to the Rolling 20’s™.

-LL, Croquet Founder

Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco