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Brand Inspiration

Speakeasy Spirit

The 1920s was the first era that American women went out at night by themselves — unescorted. As such, they dressed daringly, danced their asses off, and drank copious amounts of alcohol — despite the fact that liquor was completely illegal in the United States.

Thus, rebellious Americans liquored up at secret bars called speakeasies — inadvertently creating an underground club culture that came to symbolize the decade. People from all walks of life and backgrounds frolicked together at the speakeasies, raising a glass in unity to fight for their right to party.

Freedom Torches Lit

The Twenties also marked the first time that women began smoking in public. Until then, the stigma had been so incredibly harsh that a woman seen smoking was instantly branded as illicit. In protest of the unfair stereotype — because after all, men could smoke freely — cigarettes became important symbols of emancipation and equal rights for women.

This resulted in a pivotal 1920s social movement which encouraged women to light their “Freedom Torches” and “put an end to old stereotypes.” They did and it worked, which is why images from the era often depict a confident, well-dressed woman holding a cigarette. They fought for that!!!  Ladies of the 1920s were SUCH ballers!

Speaking of Balls…

Croquet experienced a revival in the Twenties as one of the only sports played by both men and women. It was played competitively by some, with tournaments and championship trophies, while enjoyed entirely at leisure by others as they socialized at garden parties. Croquet has always brought people together for good, old-fashioned fun on the grass — an activity shared amongst friends throughout the ages. What a time to be alive!

Stigma No More!

Inspired by events a century ago, Croquet believes it’s past time to give outdated prejudices the boot and end cannabis prohibition. We need to make cannabis fully lawful and socially acceptable as a stigma-free alternative to alcohol for enhancing sport and play.

Rolling Into A New Era

We’ve come a long way — but cannabis isn’t legal in many states, so not everyone in the country share the same rights. We invite you to light up your Freedom Torches once again as we advance toward ending cannabis prohibition, criminalization, and stigmatization in the United States.

Welcome to the Rolling ’20s ™