We believe in a new era– one that invites you to play more, explore more, and discover the ways in which cannabis and other smokable plants can be a value-add for your lifestyle. Achievement unlocked!

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Spotify LogoGet your Croquet party started with our curated Spotify playlists. We’ve handpicked the best tracks to complement your vibe and level up your game. Let’s play!


#baller || Ambient Global Beats
Let these rhythmic vibes set the tone wherever you go. This playlist boasts 9 hours of baller electronic beats from around the world. With such a vast collection of calming and uplifting music, you may never want to hit pause!
#getafterit || Dance Mix
This EDM & pop dance mix is sure to get you moving and grooving. Whether you’re working out, having a party, or just dancing around your living room, this music will leave you feeling like a million bucks. It’s soooo goood!
#connected || The Playlist Everyone Loves
Something for everybody, with rotating blocks of musical genres and curated vibes. Pick a place to start and let the music flow or be daring and mix it up!
#goodvibesonly || Reggae Mix
Vibe out to our favorite reggae music from the Caribbean to California with Croquet’s #goodvibesonly playlist. This four-hour mix is packed with classic and modern reggae tunes. So light up a Mallet, press play, and get ire!
#fixthat || Medicine Mix
Need to get grounded and find your center? With these upbeat electronic shamanic and psychedelic tracks, our #fixthat playlist pairs perfectly with an indica to achieve a state of relaxation and inner bliss.
#bde || Big Diva Energy
BDE: Big Diva Energy is a playlist inspired by all of the strong, empowered women making a difference in the world. Sing it, Sister!
#yourhighness || Honor Thy Plant
This cannabis curated playlist is the perfect soundtrack for your next smoke sesh. From classic stoner anthems to mellow beats, this playlist is sure to rein in your highness.
#lightitup || The Fire Mix
Get lit with Croquet and our fire-themed music mix. That’s hot!


Speak Easy || Secret Club Glossary

With an estimated 40,000 Americans imprisoned on cannabis-related charges, we recognize that not everyone can openly discuss their cannabis use. Inspired by speakeasies of the 1920s where discretion was key and secret passwords were essential, we’ve repurposed these classic croquet terms to help safeguard the privacy of those in the Club. Is this absurd? Absolutely, and that’s the point. #endprohibition

  • AUNT EMMA: An official gaming term for a boring, unadventurous playing style that focuses on preventing others from making progress. Deploy this phrase when you need to alert a chatty friend that it’s time to puff, puff, pass
    Example: “Let’s keep it moving, Aunt Emma”
  • BALL IN HAND: Use this classic croquet term to indicate whether someone has cannabis in their possession
    Example: “I’ll be there at 7pm with ball in hand.”
  • CROQUET: A general metaphor used to discreetly discuss cannabis with those in the loop
    Example: “We’re playing Croquet before the show tonight, if you’d like to join us”
  • DEAD BALL: Announcing a “dead ball” is a friendly, civilized way to inform other players that oops– you’re super high, have lost your train of thought, forgot the point, and would prefer to move on
    Example: “I realize that made no sense. Dead ball!”
  • MALLETS: Slang for “joints” or pre-rolls, and the brand name of our signature striped smoking cones
    Example: “Let’s go hit some Mallets” or “The red Mallet is sativa, and the blue one is an indica”
  • STAKE: A blunt ended stick used to evenly pack herb into a smoking cone, ensuring a smooth burn; also used for folding in the cone’s open tip to create a seal
    Example: “Please pass me a stake so I close up these Mallets”
  • STRIKER: Your lighter or flame source
    Example: “Who’s got a striker?”
  • WICKET: An obstacle related to your current cannabis situation
    Example: “Looks like we’ve hit a wicket. Our regular meeting spot is already taken”

Club Rules:

At Croquet, we value responsible cannabis use. To be part of our Club, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following principles:

  1. PLEASE DON’T LITTER || Always dispose of cannabis products safely and responsibly, demonstrating that cannabis users are good citizens who care about the environment (pro-tip: our portable ashtrays are a convenient solution!). 
  2. KEEP CANNABIS AWAY FROM CHILDREN || Croquet products are intended for use by persons 21 or older only.   
  3. PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY || When consuming cannabis in public spaces, respect others and keep your smoke away from non-players. 

By following these Club rules, you honor the plant you’re enjoying and contribute to a positive cannabis community, as we advance towards legalization and destigmatization in the new era. Thank you for your cooperation.

-Club Croquet Management

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