Rolling 20s Box Set

*lighter ships without butane,
as per US postal regulations

Smoking Case Designs

With four striking case designs and a limited edition striped lighter, this exquisite collection showcases our full product range and includes all of our accessories. Housed in a gorgeous stash box with a magnetic closure, it’s your exclusive opportunity to own Croquet’s signature smoking set and Mallets striped cones ahead our wider release. Game on!





Introducing Mallets!

color-coded cones & stickers

Experience a new era of enjoyment with Mallets, where style meets functionality. Croquet’s iconic striped smoking cones introduce a visual identification system, ensuring you never mix up your tobacco, cannabis, or herbal blends again! Make your lemon kush yellow and cherry pie red, or roll your relaxing blends in sleepy time colors and energizing herbs in bright hues. It’s your game, your rules, and we like how you roll!

Organize your stash with Mallet Markers— our set of 36 stickers, perfect for color-coding original packaging, tagging vape pen cartridges, indicating infused Mallets, and identifying unmarked pre-rolls. Our free printable downloads will assist in keeping track of your collection. Mallet Markers can also be used like wine charms (only doper!), so that each player can have their own Mallet to enjoy at their preferred pace.

Early Access Door, Closed

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Our store is currently accessible exclusively by invitation, with first access granted to our cherished early adopters and valued partners.

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Early Access Door, Closed